Thursday, December 7, 2017

Quarter 3 Reviews - 9/9

016 Speculative Fiction – New 

And finally, to finish off Quarter 3 (!), we have Deacon by Edson Burton. Mack (Ashley Thomas) is a former boxer who does odd jobs for Jimmy at his gym.  Jimmy sends Mack on a job, to pick up a car and deliver it to a certain address.  On the way, he runs over Deacon (Don Warrington), an apparently homeless drunkard.  However, Deacon is clearly more than this and badgers Mack throughout the ensuing car ride about who and what Mack is.  Mack, it turns out, has a son he rarely sees, and he purposely killed someone he boxed against.  It’s a bit of an Odyssey, with the clearly supernatural Deacon’s suitcase filled with what sound like the Furies. A very interesting play. It was directed by James Robinson. 

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