Thursday, December 7, 2017

Quarter 3 Reviews 5/9

011 Contemporary Comedy – New

I really enjoyed Foiled, the comedy series recorded on location in a hair salon in Tonypandy, Wales.  Written by Beth Granville and David Charles, to me it rang true based on the years I lived in south Wales.  True, it doesn’t do much to dispel the popular perception of Welsh people as dozy—although only one of the characters is actually a complete flake:  that’s Sabrina (Beth Granville), the head stylist at Bleach for the Stars.  Her long-suffering co-worker Tanisha (Stephanie Siadatan) is a reasonably competent hair stylist.  They are joined by Ritchie (David Oakes), the English actor whose disastrous exploits forced him to seek employment at the hair salon.  I enjoyed it because it presented a multi-ethnic Wales, which is not before time.  I hope they do a second series!

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