Thursday, December 7, 2017

Quarter 3 Reviews 6/9

012 Contemporary Comedy – Old 

Despite some flaws, I really enjoyed the first series of DI Gwen Danbury- An Odd Body by Sue Rodwell.  The second series wasn’t quite as good, but I still found it worth listening to.  The re-casting of Gwen’s mother Joan was jarring at first, though I quickly got used to Stephanie Cole in the role.  The too-cheerful theme music was annoying as ever and over-used.  Yet, despite all this, I listened to all three episodes of the second series, because I like the characters, I like the writing, and I think Annette Badland is great.  In the first story, Peter Marinker played an obnoxious American right wing speaker, who was coming to Suffolk to engage a local feminist in debate.  Joan and Gwen found themselves on opposite sides of the protest.  Directed by Rosemary Watts, the cast also featured Liza Ross, Michelle Newell, Richard Derrington, and Robert Lister.

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