Friday, January 27, 2017

Quarter 4 Review 8/8

016 Speculative Fiction – New 

And, to conclude Quarter 4 in 2016 (!), Lost in Glencoe could easily have slotted into the old Features slot, as it was more factual than fictional.  Written by Richard Monks and Maggie Ayre, it starred Paul McGann.  The only fictional thing, indeed, was the monologue of Ernie/Peter. McGann played Ernie/Peter as mysterious and apparently unsure of his own fate.  In 1953, Peter—a rather solitary man from a Liverpool background—disappeared in Glencoe in Scotland.  He was a loner, and never went by his name of Peter in Scotland.  Did he have an accident and the body has never been found?  Did he run away with a bus conductress and start a new life in Canada?  Nobody knows and may never know; his relative, Maggie Ayre, has pieced this absorbing mostly-nonfictional drama together with many interviews from relatives and friends. 

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