Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quarter 3 Review - 11/12

016 Speculative Fiction – New 

I really enjoyed Ghosts of Heathrow by Sebastian Baczkiewicz (of Pilgrim fame).  I had been reading about the history of Heathrow (back when it really was a heath) in John Rogers’ This Other London.  So I knew about Sixteen String Jack (and while at first I could have sworn he was played by Burn Gorman, naturally he was not; he was played by the ever-dependable Joe Armstrong).  You don’t hear Paul McGann much on BBC Radio (well, you didn’t used to), so this was a real treat, and Baczkiewicz’ poetic writing suited his voice extremely well.  Susannah Harker played a ghostly figure.  Mixed in was actuality from real Heathrow employees.  It was nicely produced with some quite haunting music that reminded me in places of The Shining Guest.  It was directed by Joby Waldman.

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