Monday, November 19, 2012


FlashPulp is an experiment in presenting noir and crime thrillers of yesterday in a modern format with more imaginative twists to the tales.  I heard Coffin:  Infrastructure, a three-part story by J.R.D. Skinner read by Opopanax.  The haunting book end music is a version of “Gloomy Sunday” and sets the tone for oddly riveting stories.  This particular one was a bit tautological and murky, especially the first two parts, involving Will Coffin, “urban shaman” and his alcoholic (and foul-mouthed) sidekick Bunny, who always has a bottle of wine or whiskey in her hand.  Her candid responses to all manner of weird stuff are refreshing and the primary aspect that makes FlashPulp modern rather than a mere homage.  I’m not a huge fan of stories read on audio; I prefer full dramas with multiple actors, music, and sound effects, but Opopanax is a sympathetic and skilled reader, so I felt quite lulled into submission by her reading. 

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