Monday, November 19, 2012

A Beary Twisted Tale

In A Beary TwistedTale:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we once again hear Glenn A. Hascall’s penchant for irreverent, metafictional interaction between storyteller and characters.  I am discovering this is a familiar aspect of his audio writing, and though it becomes a bit less remarkable with repeated exposure, I still admire it exceedingly.  In his rewrite of this familiar fairy tale, he often explains away the more puzzling tenets of the fiction by having the characters question their own motivations—sometimes quite literally.  Goldilocks (Katie Dehnart) is subjected to two bowls of extremely disgusting gruel, wondering what has possessed her to try them other than the machinations of the puppet-master narrator, before she drinks Teen Bear’s liquidized hamburger and strawberry milkshake.  She avoids chairs and beds before Mama, Papa, and Teen Bear interrogate why Teen Bear does not have his own room.

In an extended epilogue, we find out that Goldilocks makes millions after filming her experiences with sentient speaking bears and selling the footage to network TV.  She shares her fortunes with the Bear Family, enabling them to take up hobbies, for Teen Bear to buy a pancake chain and make it  his own, and for herself to go on to a fully fledged media career.  

I am very fond of Misfits Audio and the wide range of things they produce and always look forward to a Glenn A. Hascall-authored piece.

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