Sunday, September 30, 2012


Judgement is the first of the Crossover Adventures’ Doctor Who audio adventures, and for anyone expecting the polish of Big Finish, they . . . might want to look elsewhere.  I think the name of the game at Crossover Adventures is “fun,” for it’s difficult to take anything in Judgement seriously.  Fans of chaotic crossover, however, will enjoy a whirlwind journey into the realms of Count Duckula (the wonderful Cosgrove Hall animation studio’s story of a vegetarian vampire duck), the court of Judge Judy, and cameos from Buffy Summers and her friends.

As a fan of Count Duckula, I relished the idea of the Doctor (Aron Toman) meeting this charming creation, voiced by David Jason.  As it turns out, however, the meeting is rather spoiled when Buffy arrives, hellbent on staking Duckula, and though the Doctor’s companion Astra (Coren Idle) tries to help, it’s eventually decided that the best thing to do is let Judge Judy pass, er, judgement.  The audio sampling from the TV shows creates some humor, but the production suffers  from lower quality recording and editing, and the final product is a bit of a maelstrom.  Whenever the Doctor is subsumed by the supporting characters, it’s a problem.

I think it may be unfair to start with Crossover Adventures’ first effort, given that it is now quite outdated.  Their newest piece is from March of this year.

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