Saturday, May 12, 2018

Quarter 1 Reviews- 005 Contemporary Drama- New

005 Contemporary Drama – New

Providing by James Anthony Pearson was a simple radio drama, mainly consisting of the dialogue between two men, Michael (Ryan Fletcher) and Damien (Sandy Grierson), partners who wanted to adopt a child.  Despite its simplicity, I found it extremely powerful.  Michael is the main breadwinner; Damien has a catering business that is struggling to get off the ground.  Michael is keen to adopt; Damien isn’t sure he’s going to be a good dad, or even if he wants to be a dad at all.  After difficulties with the adoption process, they also consider having an acquaintance carry a baby to term for them.  This doesn’t seem satisfactory, either.  In the end, they go back to the adoption idea.  If I had one criticism of this drama, it’s that it ended too soon:  we don’t actually get to see Michael and Damien being dads.  Directed by Kirsty Williams, it also starred Maryam Hamidi and Lesley Hart.  It was a BBC Radio Scotland production.   

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