Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quarter 1 Review 6/9

012 Contemporary Comedy - Old

Believe it or not, we’re still in Christmas-themed audio drama as we drift back to mid-January when I was still listening to drama from 30 days previous.  To that end, Second Thoughts- “The Fight Before Christmas” made me laugh.  There are a lot of British sitcoms of this type, though I found this quite festive and fun (and evidently did a lot of people as this series was very popular and transferred to TV).  Lynda Bellingham plays, not the Inquisitor in Trial of a Time Lord, but Faith, a middle-aged divorcée now involved with Bill (James Bolam).  Faith is determined to have a traditional Christmas, which means having Christmas lunch, making bread sauce because Bill likes it, and using “tatty old paper chains” as decorations.  She gets increasingly harried as characters wander in and out of the kitchen, not helping her prepare food and generally hindering her.  Julia Sawalha is delightful as her daughter, who keeps changing her mind about being a vegetarian.  Bill’s dramatic decorations get on Faith’s nerves but by the end she has to admit they are an improvement on tradition.  The comedy was punctuated by some nice musical flourishes including the Corelli Christmas Concerto, which I can’t ever remember hearing in a drama before. Originally from 1992, it was written by Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie, and directed by Paul Schlesinger.

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