Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quarter 1 Review 2/9

004 Historical Comedy – Old 

I’m glad I heard The Demon Cakestand of Beastley Chase (originally from 1984) after I’d discovered MR James and the Jamesian ghost narrative, as it makes it a lot funnier that way.  Written by “MR James Hendry” and “Edgar Ian Brown,” it is a delightful send up of James’ Christmas ghost stories.  It stars Stephen Fry as Melbourne, a lord with a penchant for sweet stuff who find an antiquarian woodcut which is covered in jam which leads him to a vicar who mimics all kinds of sounds and Lord Beastley who owns a medieval book about cakestands.  All three of them enter a sinister tomb in the shape of a meringue and encounter Felkoff, a demon who sandwiches the Vicar with cream.  The other two eventually meet a similar fate.  This was made hilarious by a raspberry sound every time the word “cakestand” was said.  I trust that, wherever he is, James took it with a good grace.  It also starred Royce Mills, Sheila Stiefield, Michael Ripper, and Nick Revell. 

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