Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Lone Ranger

I also heard several episodes of varying lengths from different periods in The Lone Ranger’s history .  These included a very early story, “Medicine Rock” from 1935 as well as episode 40 from 1935 and episode 668 (!) from 1937.  The stories, even in expanded form, are relatively simplistic. “Medicine Rock” includes the line from Tonto, “Crow our best friends” and hinges on “friendly Indians” helping a wronged rustler.  Episode 40 gives the backstory as to how the Lone Ranger acquired Silver the horse which included the scene that could only be conjured in the imagination:  a horse fighting with a buffalo!  The narrator is keen to tell us that a “mysterious bond of friendship” developed between Silver and the Lone Ranger—Frederick Faust always did say a good horse is more important than a woman!  I had to admit I was, despite it all, shocked by Tonto’s slow, pigeon English, well-meaning though I’m sure the show’s writers/producers thought they were being, and from what I can tell, the film next year has kept such antiquated hogwash.  Hmmm.  Episode 668 was four times longer than “Medicine Rock” and far more involved, with plots of town-wide corruption. No sign of any women in this town, however.  Still, I have to say I preferred it to Bobby Benson and the B Bar B Riders. 

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