Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shuck (DAM Doctor Who)

Shuck inserts itself into similar territory to The Marian Conspiracy, but as far as werewolf-type stories are concerned, I think I’d rather listen to Shuck than watch “Tooth and Claw.”  Yes, seriously.  Shuck creates a good, frosty atmosphere with the David Nagel Doctor wandering around 1577 England with Alice (Tegan Harris) and Chand (Stephen Sanders) as his not-very-willing companions, crunching snow and avoiding Shuck, a version of the Black Dog with one red eye . . . 

The eventual explanation for Shuck is pretty intriguing, though the only villager of any interest is Thatcher (Russ Gold), a local man of property who eventually helps the Doctor.  He is also by far the best guest actor in Shuck.  Overall the script and combined music, sound effects, and production standards create a believable window into Tudor England, though I did find myself sometimes confused as to what was going on, especially when Shuck attacked. 

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