Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More OTR

My third episode of Frontier Gentleman continued in an enjoyable and amusing vein, though less action-packed than the previous two.  In this one, Kendall wanders into a saloon and immediately makes the acquaintance of good-natured Wall-Eye Smith, a “cowpuncher” who attaches “son of a gun” to everything he says, like a sufferer from Tourettes.  The saloon is called, in Kendall’s words, the “sanguinary” Jug of Blood.  Inside, Kendall drinks some beer (no doubt of very inferior quality to that he might have had in London, though alcohol as an index of class doesn’t function quite the same here!) and unwittingly picks a fight with a young gunslinger.  The gunslinger accidentally shoots himself and gives himself up for dead.  “There ain’t no doctor ‘round here.”  The multi-talented Kendall next attempts a surgery in very primitive conditions.  He has the reluctant help of Wall-Eye and two of the saloon girls, though all they actually do is staunch bleeding and pray.

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